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Graying of America is Coming! Will you be ready??

The Biggest Generation in US History is turning 65 & will be needing healthcare soon!

#1 Commercial Asset Class

Out performs apartment, industrial, office, and retail asset classes even through 2008 econmic down turn!

Ulimate Feel Good Investment

Keeping seniors in a home enviornment while providing top notch care 

Recession Proof 

Market swings LESS affect seniors needing care. Older more established money. 


# of Americans turning 85 daily


# of Americans turning 65 daily


Average monthly Net Operating Income 


# of Boutique Senior Living Homes in CA

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Initial Consultation & Asset Planning

Licensing & Permits

Renovate Existing vs Building NEW

Finding The Right Staff

Getting PAID!! Filling Beds

Managing the Asset for Maxiumum Profits

Current Boutique Properties 

10 bed Assisted Living

16 bed Assisted Living / Memory Care

6 bed Assisted Living / 10 bed IL

16 bed Assisted Living / Memory Care

10 bed Memory Care 

96 bed Land Development

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